New Food Court Across From The TU

Friends At The Mall

There were rumors floating around the the 50 South Eatery food court was opening over the weekend across from the Time Union Center. I was right downtown for the Freihofer's Run for Women but I didn't go over to see if it was officially open or not. I'll admit it I was so full of Freihofer's Chocolate Chip cookies I really wasn't thinking about food. Is it open now? If not its just a matter of days. It will be great to have more food options before events at the Times Union Center. Yes there are a lot of restaurants downtown but sometimes you don't have time for that. This will be great!

The TU is reporting that BBQ Tonight Express has Indian-Pakistani food and will probably be the first to open. They say a place called Wicked Wings 'n Things will open shortly with others to follow. Should be 6-7 places all together along with adult beverages. Here's the article

photo: getty images

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