Here Comes Another Roundabout Clifton Park


Don't know about you but I love me a good roundabout. Sure there are people that insist on stopping when they don't need to but otherwise they seem to save a lot of time. There were a few put in not far from our house and I love them! OK I am a little on the impatient side, but...

If you live in Clifton Park you've noticed that they cut down the bit tree that they usually lite up with lights for the holidays at 146 & Vischer Ferry a while ago. At first I was like "what are you doing?". Then I found out it was going to turn into a roundabout. That light took a long time so I was OK with it, although I really did like that tree.

This week they are officially supposed to start construction on a double laner. Twice the fun. $3.9 Million dollars later we will have a new roundabout with some bike & walking extras. According to the DOT over 30,000 go through there every day. See what it will eventually look like here

Where would you like to see a new roundabout?

photo: getty images

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