Most Popular Snacks By State

Map of the United States

I love these "most popular" by state things. This one is the most popular snack by state. I went right to New York and was like "What?" Yogurt? Come on! That is a bit too health isn't it? I went through some of the other stations and I'm like "Cactus Candy?" What is that? You'll have to go to Arizona to find out. Georgia is "Pimento Cheese" the "Caviar of the south". All I really wanted was Beef Jerky. I hit Alaska and I found "Salmon Jerky". That is the state's "favorite snack"?!?! Washington loves "Halfpops". It's popcorn that guessed it half popped. Good way to break a molar. I think I'm just going to hit that olive bar at Market 32 and call it a day.

See them all and see where you may want to move to here

photo: getty images

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