Getting a New Dog & I Need Advise

We have a 5 year old dog named Cody. I've shared goofy pictures of him in the past. He's a good dog. Will sit on your lap any chance he gets and follow you around the house. We also had a cat up to about a year ago when she passed away at about 15 years old. They tolerated each other, but the cat was the boss. Our kids have been wanting another cat. My wife and I weren't so sure. We had also thought about getting a friend for Cody. Now it's actually happening and I'm a little nervous.

On Sunday we were at the Mohawk Honda pet adoption clinic. The thought was "well we'll go and think about it". We brought Cody along to have him meet some new friends. Two hours later we had fallen in love with Princess. She's a 7 year old chihuahua mix that just got in from North Carolina. Cody is a pretty laid back. He's more of a "people person" than a "dog person". We sat with Princess for a long time on Sunday she seemed the same way so we thought they'd be a good pair. Or she was just really tired from her trip from North Carolina. Princess and Cody didn't seem to be too interested in all the craziness going on with all the other animals.

We get Princess in about a week so we have been reading a lot about how to introduce a new dog into your pack. I've watched a lot of videos too. Now I'm getting nervous. I've learned that dogs are all about smells and you have to do this all carefully. You don't just bring the dog home and say "Ta da!!! Say Hello to my little friend". I've seen that you should have them meet away from the house first. Bring them in the house individually. Let's the get used to each other's smells. Keep them in different places for a while. Pick up all the toys and bowls that are already in the house, feed them separately...the list goes on. It's making me pretty nervous. Keep in mind we have adopted two children and have managed to nearly get them to adulthood without too many incidents.

I think this will be good, but I have too much time to think about it before it happens. Any advice on the best way to do this?

Here is something I read on PetMD A video I watched is below.

This is Princess

This is Princess and Cody...pretty much ignoring each other and everything going on around them while being lap dogs. Princess's handler and I are just trying to ignore that fact that the two dogs are pretty much sitting together to see what happens.

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