What Is The Best Day of The Week To Buy Gas?

Cropped Hand Of Woman Refueling Car

Yesterday I was driving home and noticed I needed gas. I saw it was $2.55 at two of the places I regularly go to. I wasn't feeling it so I decided that I would just get it today. The price today went up to $2.59! I was kind of ticked off. On top of that I had just passed one that was $2.55. OK in reality it wasn't that big of a deal. I think I paid an extra 32 cents but still.

Today I learned there is a "best day of the week" to buy gas in NY. It's Monday. See Monday is worth something. The Worst day is Friday followed by Saturday & Sunday. The article said if you switch from filling up on Friday to Monday you'll save about $20 to $30 per year. Of course if you go into the convenient mart and get an energy drink and a Snickers bar on Monday that all goes out the window, but it's good to know.

On gasbuddy.com can search the lowest gas prices near you. Just put in your zip code.

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