Signs of Spring At My House

It was pretty disheartening last Friday when the "rain mixed with snow showers" turned into snow. I see the Minnesota and that area are getting blizzard conditions today. Sorry people...and I really hope it's not headed this way

On Sunday I took the cover off the pool. It got pretty ripped up this winter and it's junk collection week in the Malta area. The perfect storm so to speak. It's not officially "open" but I can look at the 55 degree water. Close enough

Spotted a few tulips coming up walking into to work yesterday.

This morning? Here's a sure sign of spring. The first critter stuck in our window well. We have had everything from these guys, rabbit and even a giant snapping turtle in there. I put a ramp in to he can try to get out. I really don't want to have to try get in there to help him. Happy spring! Now get out of my window well.

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