Shaker High's American Idol Star

Don't know about you, but when American Idol ended I thought "ya it's time". Then it came back and I thought "no it's not time". They didn't listen to me and brought it back anyway. I'll be honest I didn't watch the return. There was probably something like "Moonshiners" or "Swamp People" on the Discovery Channel. I started to hear people talking about this student from Shaker High that was on Idol. Then I heard some more. Then I finally turned the show back on...reluctantly.

Madison VanDenburg from Cohoes, a Shaker High Student let it rip. Um Wow!!! Making the Capital Region proud. Keep up the great work! I guess I'm back in...right after this message.

Idol is on Channel 10 Sunday & Monday nights at 8.

Of course Katy Perry almost made me bail again with her crying over this romantic scene. Yes I was feeling that on the inside but I was holding it in. There was a lot of dust in the air or somethin'

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