Got a Blanket Hog? Is This The Best Blanket for Two?

Do you have a nightly blanket tug of war? Maybe one person is too hot and the other is too cold...introducing....The Blanktini!!!

OK I'm not sure if this is the solution to your issues or not. It kind of splits down the middle and then is one at the bottom so you can tuck it in. It's an interesting idea. Wonder if it's a pain to made the bed nice and smooth. I'm also wondering if it's warm enough...ya I'm the one who hogs the blankets...until I get too hot then I have to hang my feet out to cool off. TMI? Sorry.

Now what do we do about that snoring thing? That's another blog post...a really long one...with a lot of noise and complaining

PS. After this couple figures out their blanket issues they may want to call an interior decorator.

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