7 Ways to Make Cleaning House Way Better!

Hey if it was fun they wouldn't call 'em "chores". There are a rare few that seem to like cleaning house. I will sometimes have some bursts of wanting to clean stuff. It is is rare but it does happen so make sure your stuff if picked up. Otherwise if you can't find it look in the trash.

I saw this article about 7 Tiny Ways to Make Your Cleaning Routine A Million Times Better.

Here's of few of them.

  • Clean at night instead of first thing in the morning. I never would have thought of this. They say it makes you feel like you are ahead instead of behind. OK maybe.
  • Treat yourself to a new cleaning "toy". I use the term loosely
  • Time yourself. Ah mind games. If you get really fast it may not be clean but you will have a new personal record. Go for it.

photo: getty images

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