Amazing Football Throws. Why Aren't They In The NFL?

I stumbled onto this video yesterday. It's a team of guys who do some pretty amazing trick throws with a football. Kind of the Harlem Globetrotters without the fake game. OK true they may have tried these tricks 1000 times, but they are really good at throwing a football with incredible accuracy. Some of the throws are really really far too. Why aren't any of them in the NFL? Maybe they would never get back up if a 300 pound linebacker pounced on them. I know that would be the case with me.

There is one part of this that really freaks me out. I am a little afraid of heights. I'm always thinking about getting too close the edge and falling off of something. I got that feeling watching the video of the throw from the roof of the stadium. It's at about 6:25. That is WAY up there. OH he did make the shot.

PS Except for the kick at the very beginning, which was mind blowing, you can skip all the other parts with them kicking the ball. Those were nothing special.

PS. Complete coverage of the game will start at 2pm on Sunday on our sister station

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