Sour Patch Kids for Breakfast? Really?

Do you like Sour Patch Kids?  Not really my thing.  I like them when the sour goes away, but don't really enjoy that weird thing the sour does to your jaw.  Well if you really like Sour Patch Kids, how would you like a heaping bowl of them for breakfast?

Get ready for Sour Patch Kids Cereal.  It looks like they are on sale now at Walmart and they'll be available every where in June.  I just went on to the Post cereal website store locator.  You search for their different cereals and where to buy them or shop online.   

The first one that pops up is Alpha-Bits!  I complete forgot about them!   Who hasn't tried to spell something while eating breakfast!  Playing with your food is fun and educational!

photo:  getty images

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