What is Your Snow Storm Go To Movie?

Well it looks like 12-18 inches of snow rolling in starting Saturday afternoon.  When a big snow storm rolls in on a weekend it's kind of fun just to watch is fall and clear it out when you feel like it.  I kind of find it relaxing...a storm during the work week?  No thank you.

It's a time you can do things like play board games, a little snack party, maybe watch some football or...watch one of your guilty pleasure movies.  That's were Paul Blart comes in.  Maybe I watched too many 3 Stooges shows when my Mom wasn't watching when I was a kid, but this stuff makes me laugh.  

Yes it's dumb, but it's kind of heart warming at the same time?  Is that possible?  What is your "snow storm" movie?   

P.S.  Yes there is a Paul Blart 2 :)

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