Panic At The Disco Covers Queen In Albany

Just about every seat at the Times Union Center was taken last night for Panic at the Disco's show.  Not many seats were actually sat in but... Brendan Urie is quite the performer isn't he?  He even had a big white piano hanging over the crowd while he did a song.  

I was going to share some videos of the Albany show that I found on Youtube but they mostly feature the person recording on lead vocals so I found this one instead.  One of the highlights of the show was Panic doing "Bohemian Rhapsody".  Ummmm....Wow!

A few of us from the station also had a couple minutes to meet Brendan before the show.  He was such a nice guy and very grateful for what you, their fans have done for them.  He was very humble and amazed by the success of High Hopes.   I'm not sure why because it's a great song and a great message.   Seemed like a no brainer to me.  (Our photo is below...I know we look like twins, but he's the one on the left)

One other you may not have known, but if you were at the show you helped raise about $17,000 for their new "High Hopes Foundation".  $1 dollar from every ticket sold is helping it on this tour. You can donate on that page or so text HOPES to 50555 to make a donation.

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