How Much Snow Are We Getting This Weekend?

At first I thought well this will be kind of fun to have a snow storm.  It will be on the weekend, could sit around and enjoy a few inches of snow while not having to run to work or something.  Then I remembered that I need to bring our daughter back to Connecticut...about 3 hours away.  

I was looking at the Weather Channel and AccuWeather.  Both of them are showing the Capital Region right in the middle of it from Friday through Sunday.  Both are saying 12-24 inches of snow stretching from Cleveland through Maine.  Some places may get 40 inches of snow!  Oh there is also going to be wind and falling temps.  I'm rethinking this "oh it would be nice to have a little snow this weekend" thing.  Not sure how we'll get this kid back to school

See the latest from AccuWeather here.

We'll keep you posted on Closing & Delays here

We'll also update you on The Albany Storm Center

photo:  getty images


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