Foods To Avoid During The Government Shutdown

I know!  It's hard to believe that romaine lettuce is on the list of foods some are saying you should avoid during the Government Shutdown.  Romaine is kind of like the kid in your family who is always getting in trouble, whether they did it no not.

Saw this article that talks about what foods we should avoid right now.  Here are some things:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Sprouts
  • Ready-to-eat food like cheese, deli meat
  • Raw food & processed meats

You should also make sure everything is cooked well and at least 165 degrees to kill E. coli, salmonella and listeria.  Not sure what the difference between all those is, but I'm betting you don't want any of them

So veggies, meats and cheese are out.  Not sure what is left except bread and candy.  I'm kind of good with that actually.    

Read more from the Daily Meal here

photo:  getty images

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