Dumbest Label Ever?

I guess I'm an adult because I really don't mind getting things like underwear and socks for Christmas. How did that happen?  I need to break out some video games this weekend or something.  I may need help setting it up because I probably lost that skill during the aging process.

This morning I went to open the package of t-shirts that I got for Christmas...and I see the label below.  The come in a "Resealable Bag".  Why?  This isn't a bad or carrots that I am trying to keep fresh past the expiration date.  Is there are reason that I would ever want to put these t-shirt back in the bag...and ensure that is is resealed?   Am I missing something here?  Maybe it's obvious to the rest of the world, but it's totally lost on me.  Please help me if you can. 


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