A Guacamole Shortage for Super Bowl Sunday?

It's bad enough when your team is out of the playoffs already.  (I'm a lifelong Bear's fan...missed it "by that much")   Now it looks like there may be a Guacamole shortage by Super Bowl Sunday.   Weren't warned about a buffalo wing shortage last year?

Here's the deal.  It seems that there is a fuel shortage in Mexico.  That is causing a shipping issue of avocados.  It is building to a perfect snacking storm right about February 3rd when the Super Bowl is on.  They only have about 2 weeks to fix the situation or we are in big Guacamole trouble.  The worst part is you can't even horde avocados...well you can but it would be messing by Feb 3rd.

I say let's push this wall thing ton the side for now and work on something REALLY important...

Find out more about it all here

If you are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, this video might help.

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