iPhone Bad Luck or Conspiracy?

A little less that two years ago my wife, daughter and son all got iPhone 7s.  Dad hung onto his trusty iPhone 5c.  I've recently upgrade to a 7 because I needed more storage.  Never been one to need the latest and greatest.  Now I'm concerned.

About a month ago our daughter's phone's phone functions suddenly stopped working.  She couldn't hear anyone and no one could hear her.  The speaker was grayed out.  Of course she is about 3 hours away at college so this made this extra fun to deal with.  We all searched Google for answers and tried everything we found.  Seeing if Siri worked...it didn't...restarting...messing with the airplane mode.  Nothing helped.

What did work?  Having to driving 3 hours each way to see her and get her a new phone.  I really didn't want her walking around campus without a phone to call someone in case of emergency.  Maybe it's a Dad thing.  

She went to the Apple store and they said it would cost about $375 to fix it.  The service provider asked if we had a service plan...we didn't because the last one didn't cover the issues we had...and of course the phone wasn't paid off yet.  So we had to pay that off and then upgrade to a new phone.  Really couldn't see dumping almost $400 into a phone approaching 3 years old with no guarantee they could fix it.

Guess what happened last night?  Same deal with my wife's phone.  Just waiting for my son's phone to do the same thing....and then mine.  

Do you think this is just bad luck or a conspiracy?   I have my suspicions.   Anyone else have this problem?  Might be time to look into other options. This really isn't something I really want to deal with around the holidays when otherwise perfectly working phones are almost paid off.  Hello?  Can anyone hear me?

Here is one of the articles I found

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