Have The Best Christmas Tree on The Block!

Maybe you were at the Empire State Plaza yesterday for the NY State Tree Lighting.  On Saturday I went up in the attic and got our tree down.  I even went as far as putting it up and putting the box back up in the attic.  That is about as far I we have gotten since then though.  I did get an ornament in the mail and put it on the tree.  Maybe tonight.

If your goal is to have the best tree on the block...unlike me...here are some tips:

  • If you have a live tree make sure it never runs out of water.  It should last 4-6 weeks.  Have the shop vac ready on the way out.
  • Pick a good location.  The neighbors can't see it you don't win.  Make sure it's visible from the street.  We lose that one too.
  • Layer your lights.  I ready that you wrap white lights on the interior of your tree and colored lights on the outside.  It's supposed to add dimension and make it glow
  • Hang ornaments various distances from the middle of the tree.  It gives it more depth.  See above.
  • Hang your best ornaments first in key locations
  • Custer spheres.  Use wire to cluster 3 round ornaments together to make them more special.  Ya sounds like too much work to me too.
  • Stand back.  Stand back a distance to make sure it's all balanced.  Better still go out in the front yard just like the Dad on A Christmas Story with the lamp leg.

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