How Alexa Can Help You During the Holidays

Maybe you have gotten an Amazon Echo some time during 2018 like we did.  Yes I have her play 99.5 The River on iHeart radio and tell me a joke once in a while :).   I haven't fully gotten into all it can do though.  Found a lot of things Alexa can help you with during he holidays

Holiday Stuff Alexa Can Do:

  • Have her play some of our Christmas stations on iHeart Radio.  Duh (shameless plug)  You can just say things like "Play 98.3 WTRY on iHeart Radio", "Alexa play iHeart Christmas", Alexa play iHeart Christmas Classics" or "Alexa play North Pole Radio".  Santa is the DJ on that one.
  • Set timers for your holiday baking.  Yes you have one on your oven but it doesn't talk
  • Have her walk you through recipes. There are hundreds of them.  Here's how to get them
  • Do some "voice purchasing".  I'll be honest.  This one scares me, but get more here
  • Have Alexa do a "Countdown to Christmas" for your kids.  Who needs an advent calendar.  Here's how to do it.
  • How about some Winter Holiday facts?  Just say "Alexa open winter holiday facts"

"Hey Alexa pay my credit card bill".  Not 100% sure that one will work.

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