How Long Can You Keep Thanksgiving Leftovers?

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving are the left overs!  I love making turkey sandwiches, re-heating the stuffing and gravy.  There is a shelf life though according to the FDA.  

The first rule is that you have to get the leftovers in the refrigerator within 2 hours of serving.  I think we made the deadline.  (I think we bought a little time because the turkey wasn't all the way cooks so we microwaved it at the end...timing is everything...and I didn't nail that part...oh well)

The second rule is you have 4 days to eat your leftovers.  The article I read said that that give you until  Tuesday 11/27.  My count says you got to eat them by the end of the day today, but that is just a guideline.  If it starts to smell funky toss it.  If you have a cold...well make soup...quick.

More from the FDA here

photo:  getty images

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