Stores Closed on Thanksgiving

It's a big debate every year.  To open or stay closed on Thanksgiving.  Remember years ago, it was never like this?  But times have changed...Black Friday is turning into something more...and soon it may become Black Thursday/Thanksgiving Evening!  (okay, that's a bit of a mouthful)  But that's just the way the world is now...and, most of the time I'm a little grumpy about change, but in this case...I have to say, it doesn't bother me that much.  If YOU don't like that stores are open on Thanksgiving...don't go.  I understand if you WORK at a store that is open and you don't want to work...sure, but I've worked in radio for 20 years and I've worked every major holiday multiple sometimes, you just have to.  I've spoken to many people who LIKE to work the means more money for them!

However, you are certainly entitled to your opinion...and if you are not a fan of stores open on Thanksgiving, you'll be happy to know there is a big list of stores that agree with enjoy your Turkey and stuffing...and this list of stores closed on Thanksgiving 2018:

BJ's Wholesale Club

Barnes & Noble

Home Depot


Office Max



Sam's Club

TJ Maxx



Norstrom Rack


Pep Boys 

and many others...for that list, click here

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