Can Animals Really Tell Bad Weather Is Coming?

So can animals really tell that bad weather is coming?  Last night our dog Cody seemed really sad.  I took this picture.  Maybe we will be getting more than the 4-6 inches of snow.  I'd be bummed out too if that is the case.  He's pretty short so if we have more than 2 inches of snow, life can be a little extra cold from him if you know what I mean.

I usually plow part of the back yard for him.  I'm not quite ready this year.  After I got home yesterday I went out into the pitch dark back yard and got our 15+ year snowblower and brought it into the garage.  I did it thanks to the glowing headlights of the riding mower.  I know, ingenious.  :)   I have not changed the oil yet but it started.  Maybe Cody is sensing an issue with the beast.

I dug around and it seems that animals do have a built-in weather detector.  More on that here


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