How Many People Bribe Their Kids? More Than You Think

I just saw that the average parent spends 5 hours a week trying to get there kids to do stuff.  You know make the bed, do their homework or other chores.  5 Hours a week!  It went on to say that 82% of parents bribe their kids to do things.  

Have I bribed our kids?  Well I prefer to call it "incentivizing" them.  He it works to get the dog into his crate right?   

Most parents give a few different reasons for this "incentives":  

  • 64% say they bribe kids to eat healthy
  • 52% to get them to behave
  • 48% say it's to save time.  (Hey $2 goes a long way sometimes) 

If you don't want to do straight up bribes here are some pretty creative hacks parents have used:

  • Blending veggies with ketchup and call it "special ketchup"
  • Mixing fiber in chocolate milk to keep them regular (Mom my chocolate milk tastes funny)
  • Using food coloring to make things more interesting
  • Adding marshmallows or sprinkles to veggies (yuck!)
  • Play the "quiet game" at bedtime.  First one to talk loses. 
  • Blend cauliflower with mac & cheese.  (that actually sounds pretty good)
  • Calling all meats "chicken"  (this is my favorite!)
  • Keeping the iPad only 35% charged so they can't play too long.  (genius!)

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photo:  getty images

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