Advent Calendar Candy Just Got 100 Times Better!

Don't know about you but I have always loved Advent Calendars.  When I was a kid we'd take turns opening the door each day and eating the candy that was inside.  OK we had 6 kids in our family so it wasn't always an orderly affair and you really didn't get too many turns, but...

When you did get your turn it was fun to find the number and open the doors.  Even as a kid though I knew the candy inside was horrible.  That bad tasting waxy stuff.  It was like when Ralphie finally got his decoder pin in a "Christmas Story" and found out the secret message was just a "stinkin' commercial".

Well this may be a commercial but at least the candy is a lot better.  Reese's has their own Advent Calendar and that candy inside is things like Peanut Butter Cups and Reese's Pieces.  I can live that.

Amazon can even get it to you in like 2 days.  Looks like they are going fast.  Now you have to buy 3 of them at a time instead of just one.  Here's where you get them   Might be worth a little more searching.

photo:  getty images

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