I Voted and I'm a Little Upset

I voted before I came to work this morning.  I was a little upset.  I did not get an "I Voted" sticker.  I actually looked for them on the table where I got my ballot.  Nothin'.  Now I know what the dog feels like when we go to the drive up window at the drug store and they don't have any more treats.  I was a little upset so I made my own.  I didn't have any red white or blue stickers though.

On a more serious note, we have all heard and seen a lot of ads over the last several months.  Last night I actually tried to do a little homework on the candidates to try and get past the "he said, she said" stuff. I had trouble finding good, somewhat unbiased information.  I guess in an Amazon Prime world I was hoping for a "product comparison".  Just a list of the issues and a check mark if they supported it and an X if they didn't.  Well it wasn't that easy.   I found a lot of interesting info, but it was a bit hard to sift through and much of the time it only has one candidates info.  One site actually showed how much people donated to the campaign.  Do I really need to know the name of someone in Syracuse donated $7.  I'm not making that up!  Maybe I didn't find the right website.

Also the ballot where I voted was a bit complicated.  Candidates were listed several times as candidates for the different parties they represented.  They might be a Democrat or Republican and also be the candidate for "Green" party and the "Libertarian" party so they were on there several times.  Can't we just list the person once and toss all their parties below them or something?  Maybe someone doesn't get credit that way, who knows.

Is it me or do we need to dumb this stuff down a little?  This is America after all.  We want the choices to be quick and easy to figure out...The Amazon Prime way...Oh and I'd like these changes made in two days and be able track the progress online.  

Thank you

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