The Brady Bunch Goes To Their Old House

OK let's admit it...The Brady Bunch was not "must see TV" but that didn't keep us all from watching it.  Their house was an epic part of TV history.  Right up there with the Munster's house.  Well the Brady house is real and it was up for sale not long ago...and it's getting a make over by HGTV.  Some of the Brady kids even thought of buying it themselves.

All the original Brady kids were together for the first time in 15 years at the house.  They are working on a new HGTV renovation show called "A Very Brady Renovation" with the Property Brothers.  It's supposed to be getting a 70s make over.  Far out!  The show will be on in 2019.  

Find out more about it and see the photo of all the kids in front of the house here.  

Below is a peak inside the REAL house.

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