The Top 50 Signs That You Are "Middle Aged"

I saw this article that had the Top 50 Signs that you have reached "Middle Age".  Don't worry if you have gotten there, it's not all bad.  Most of the people say it just means that it just means that you know what you want in life.  According to the survey the actual age people are considered "Middle Age" is 47.  

Here are some of the Top 50 Signs that you have reached "Middle Age":

  • You start considering going on a cruise.  You had me at "midnight buffet"
  • Most of your favorite musicians, actors and authors are younger than you.  
  • You start looking for grey hair & wrinkles
  • You are fine spending big money on things that will last like a fence or flooring.  (can we add "classic car" or "Harley" to this list or is that part of Midlife crisis.  I'm good either way
  • You notice the people you work with aren't "your age" and may be old enough to be your kids
  • You love shopping at home & garden stores
  • You take up cycling to get fit again
  • Your refrigerator is full of healthy veggies
  • You get rid of your IKEA furniture
  • You start drinking smoothies and cut our pizza & bread.  (if this is a factor I'll never reach middle age.  I'm not giving up pizza and bread for anything)

See the complete list here.  

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