How Most People Break Their Phone Screens

So I saw this list of the Top 10 Reasons for broken cell phone screens.  Mine didn't make the list.  Did yours?   For the record I ran my phone over with the car.  It wasn't easy to do but I managed it. 

Top Ten Causes of Screen Damage

  1. Just general use (how does this happen?  Are you typing very hard on an angry text?)
  2. On a wild night out
  3. Splashed in the toilet
  4. Sat down with it in your back pocket
  5. Blame the kid for dropping it
  6. Trying to type one handed
  7. Tossed onto a bed or sofa and it bounced off
  8. Fell out of a case while exercising
  9. Got mad and threw
  10. Tossed it to a friend...they can't catch very well

Here is more on the subject

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