Tell Me Something Good

Everywhere you turn today, and likely for some time after, you will probably hear more about the horrible tragedy that occurred this past weekend when a limousine accident in Schoharie claimed 20 lives. 

We do not need to rehash the details, as that is the job of our sister station, 810 and 103.1 WGY and every other news outlet covering the story. However, we spoke a great deal about this horrific tragedy off the air this morning and felt we needed to address it in some way. As we were deciding how to handle, we got a call from another one of our sister stations also wondering the best approach. In the end, we felt we could be of most help by expressing our obvious sympathy, and then by continuing to do our jobs...

Our job is to try to give you an escape from more difficult themes, maybe to entertain you in some way and hopefully to make you smile. While we hope that on our show we do occasionally achieve these goals, on a particular trying day such as today we pulled in the assistance of some real life news that we hope will touch your heart and lift your spirits.

-Kevin and Tracy

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