How Many Of Us Have Napped on The Job?

Have you ever napped at work?  I have to admit I have nearly dosed off.  You know one of those days after you were up way too late.  It may happen soon with the baseball playoffs starting and you are up late watching the Yankees or Red Sox and then you are on a long conference call or something.  It turns out that almost half of us have napped at work.  The need for a nap usually hits around 3pm for most.

When I was younger I worked at a golf course.  I would take a nap everyday during lunch.  It helped me get through the rest of the day.  Most people believe they are more productive after a nap and a many companies actually have a napping policy.

What are the industries that are most likely to have napping policies?   What industries are most likely the have people napping?  Find out here

If you suddenly hear nothing playing on the air today....well I was up too late getting our kid from the bus station and it is Monday...just sayin'

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