A $300,000 Fish?

How much would you pay for a fish? $5, $10, maybe $20 for a really special one?

In Asia, the wealthy are paying 15,000 times that for a fish, yes, a fish! The Asian Arowana fish is one of the world's most expensive pets with a young one going for $300 while rare adult ones can go for $70k plus!

Known as the "dragon fish," the Arowana has distinctive glimmering scales and can grow up to three feet long...and some people are so into these aquatic creatures, they are forking the bill...wait for it...to get them plastic surgery?!

We don't know. They're pretty, but hardly seem worth that type of money. Judge for yourself, some photos here...did we mention that they are known to bring luck and wealth? 

Somehow we think people buying these things have no need for more money!

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