Favorite Moments from Our iHeart Festival

I know that Friday & Saturday night's were late nights and maybe you weren't able to listen or watch all of our iHeart Radio Music Festival.  I didn't make it all the way either.  I was out past my bed time on Saturday night and was driving home listening and then picked up the action on CWTV.com when I got home.  

I heard JT & Carrie Underwood on our sister station Kiss 102.3.  While she killed it on "Before He Cheats" my favorite moment from her is below.  

Kelly Clarkson freaked out backstage with a magician.  Just saw that today and the first trick blew me away.  Oh performance of "Respect" is what everyone is talking about.  A piece of that is below too.  

We'll all be able to watch the best moments at a reasonable hour when the CW does the 2 night special Oct. 7th & 8th.  

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