30 Food Hacks! I'll Never Eat The Same

I know this video is kind of long.  I'll admit that I haven't watched the whole thing yet.  I just keep popping round the thing and have found so many things I need to do.  I haven't found the Skittles thing yet.  Here are a few things I've seen so far.

  • If you love Pistachios you know about the finger nail pain after a few.  Go to 13:10.  It's live changing
  • The chip bag hack at :16 will keep you from having your dog jumping all over you when you spill the last of the chips all over your self.  Bring on the binge watching!
  • There's something for your cookie jar at 6:33
  • If you hate freezer burn see how to vacuum pack your meat without one of those machines at 5:45



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