Slang Words That Will Annoy Your Teens

Let's face it, being a parent isn't all rainbows & unicorns...even if you have room decorated with them.    You have to have some fun with it.  One of my favorite things is to annoy our kids by being a "Dad".  I found this list of words that really annoy teens.  I am currently working on crafting the perfect conversation that will work as many of them in as possible.  

Words that Annoy Teens:

  • Swag -  In 2012 it meant someone who is cool.  They "have swag".  Now the word to use is "Lit".  for this exercise I am sticking with Swag.
  • Bae -  Yep that's short for Baby.  Sorry no current alternative so....keep using it. 
  • YOLO - You only live once, so keep using it.  It's "key" as the kids now say 
  • On Fleek - It means something is perfect.  This one's new to me, but old to them.  If you hear them say you are "looking snatched" it's a complement.   Ha that's gonna happen
  • Rad, Groovy, Sick - All old favorites that will bug your teens.  Be sure to use them in front of their friends  

Here's are the conversation I'm going to roll out tonight.  It's a work in progress.  

"Hey you know Mom has swag.  She's my Bae so we have a Rad night planned Saturday night.  It would be On Fleek if you could watch your sister for a few hours.  This is going to be a sick date.  YOLO right?"

Then just leave the room.  For bonus points toss in "Oh it would be Sick if you could clean up your room a bit.  Groovy?" as you walk away.  

photo:  getty images

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