Mac & Cheese Candy Canes. Oh It Gets Worse

Disclaimer:  I'm not a huge fan of Mac & Cheese.  It's only OK on my like meter.  Maybe that makes this even more disgusting.  I am thinking of getting these Mac & Cheese Candy Canes for our daughter.  She loves Mac & Cheese...not even sure if she'd like these.    They also make "Clamdy Canes".  You guessed it...they taste like Clams.  I'll have to take their word for that.

Buy your Mac & Cheese Candy Canes here

Want Clamdy Canes?  Here's your link. You are a much stronger person than I am.  They are on sale for only $4.95...which may still be $6 too much. 

Wait!   They also have Bacon Candy Canes?  They look just like regular candy canes.  This could be fun to watch!

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