Selena Gomez Claps Back At Designer Who Called Her 'Ugly' In The Best Way

Selena Gomez, unbothered queen of the clap back, made a fashion statement for one bold — and incredibly despicable — designer who dared to insult her looks.

Back in June, Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbana drew ire from Selenators everywhere after he was caught lurking in the comments of a Selena Instagram fan account, where he wrote of the "Hands to Myself" songstress, "è proprio brutta," which translates to "She's so ugly."

The superstar ignored the diss then, as one does from their thrown, but she's since hit back at her hater with some shade of her own. Just last night (September 11), the 26-year-old was photoed in New York City rocking a blue-fur-collared jacket, plaid pants and the phrase "ugly" brazenly bejeweled on her hair.

Game over.


As expected, the "Back To You" songbird's fans ravaged the 55-year-old on Instagram for bullying their fave and serves him right. "We don’t care about your lame a** brand," one fan chided, while another lashed with, “look in the mirror you are ugly both interior and exterior."

The wave of criticism escalated so fast that Gabanna just decided to leave the platform entirely. "TEMPORARILY DETOXING FROM INSTAGRAM," he announced via Instagram hours later, leading more fans to celebrate their victory.

"Yaaaay!! What an [sic] twat you are - fame and fortune should make you humble but you’re honestly despicable with all your bullying comments on how young impressionable women look," commented one user, urging Gabanna to never return.

Well done, Selenators.


Photo: Getty Images


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