Jeopardy's Alex Trebek Grows a Beard!

Most nights we watch Jeopardy on News 10 ABC.  Yesterday was the 35th Season premiere.  There was a lot of social media speculation about "big changes" coming to the show.  Some were saying Alex Trebek was retiring, others were saying a new set.  Turning out Alex grew a beard and you get to decide if he keeps it or not.  

Watch the first 2 minutes of the show and see how to cast your vote.   Looks like the did the same thing with his mustache about 4 years ago.   Maybe next year we can decide on his hair color.  I vote for neon blue.  That would be cool.   Of course it would be even cooler if he brought back the look he had on "High Rollers" in 1975.

photo: getty images



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