7 Cooking Mistakes We are All Making

I've been known to whip out a few pots and pans and a cookbook or online recipe on occasion.  The results are usually mixed.  It could very well be because I'm guilty of several of these seven common mistakes people make while cooking.

  • Starting to cook before completely reading the recipe.  Guilty!   I've called a few cooking audibles.  Anyone else?
  • Overcrowding the pan.  I want to dirty as few pans as possible, but if you want to brown things properly you may have to use two
  • Cooking Pasta in a pan that's too small.  
  • You Saute wet veggies.  The end up mushy.  The salad spinner is worth it's weight in gold.
  • When you fry food, the oil isn't hot enough.  
  • You use dried herbs instead of fresh herbs.  Mine are usually out dated by a minimum of 3 years as well.
  • You don't preheat your pans.  Yep I've done that one too.

If you want to find out more here is the article.  Lucky for me today is also National TV Dinner Day.  Mmmm TV dinner...  Look at how delicious it is!

photo:  Getty Images

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