5 Exercises You Can Do at Work

Kids are getting back to school, routines are getting back to normal...now let's try to squeeze in a little exercise...at work.  On average this article says we sit between 9 & 13 hours per day.   That sounds about right I guess.  The "Tone It Up" girls say you can do some modified exercises at work.  I'm not sure what your boss will say, but maybe it will turn into more energy and fewer sick days or something.

The 5 Excises are:

  • Desk Planks
  • Desk Push Ups
  • Desk Tricep Dips
  • Booty Band Shuffles
  • Booty Band Kickbacks

I'm not sure I'm qualified for "Booty" anything, but you can find out more here.  Or you can go and see if there are donuts in the break room.  Right now I'm on the fence.


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