Red Meat & Cheese are Good For You plus Crazy Old Diets!

Thank you McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario!  Your parents are making a great investment with their kids education there.  They just let us know that we can live longer by eating red meat & cheese!  Two of my favorite things.  Take that Kale! 

I don't need to hear any more than that, but if you want more you can read about it here

I also saw this list of the "dumbest diets ever".  There was one about Jackie Kennedy living on bakes potatoes with caviar & sour cream and another one what consisted of 3 hard boiled eggs, a little piece of meat and a bottle of wine every day.  Oh yes you had wine for breakfast too.  

Read more about the "Dumbest Diets Ever" here  

That's all for now.  I'm off to find a side of beef and a wheel of cheddar.

photo: getty images

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