The Temperature In Here is Sexist!

Does the title of this blog sound ridiculous? Well, a candidate for Governor of New York is claiming that this will be the case at the Gubernatorial Debate this evening.

Apparently Cynthia Nixon asked for the temperature to be raised to 76 degrees when the candidates take the stage this evening, (Governor Andrew Cuomo prefers a cooler atmosphere). 

When told that the temperature is traditionally 72 degrees, Ms. Nixon's camp claimed that working conditions at debates are "notoriously sexist when it comes to room temperature." 

Politics aside, (and regardless of my feelings toward EITHER candidate), as a woman, I find this absolutely absurd! There are so many blatant acts that can be classified as sexist, cooling down a room packed with an audience, hardly seems one of them. In fact, cooler is always my personal preference - what does that say about me?!

Kev says it should be, "whatever the men want!" All kidding aside, we are both just slightly perturbed that an issue such as room temperature could become so distorted that women begin to feel discriminated against if they are too cold! 

Suck it up and put on a sweater, we want to hear what you are (both) going to do about the state of our state!


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