Proof Ed Sheeran Secretly Got Married

We've heard rumors before that Ed Sheeran and his girl friend Cherry Seaborn had secretly gotten married.  This time I believe it.  OK the guy on the left is not saying a word.  The guy next to them on the right just likes having his photo taken and the guy on the far right is trying to get the attention of the beer vender, but the evidence is coming from Ed himself.

Access did an interview with Ed on Monday.  The interviewer asked when he was getting married.  Ed had this goofy smile and to his ring.  The guy asked "how did you sneak that one by?" and Ed said "Well I never do anything too public anyway."  I say yes they are married.  See the video clip here. 

Then again there is the Instagram photo from earlier this month.   OK I'm including some with his cat too just for fun.

photo: getty images

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