How to Parallel Park & The Best Parallel Parker Ever!

I hate parallel parking.  Anyone else?  I have a hard time doing it even with backup cameras.  There are some tricks I learned when our kids where taking driving lessons, but it's still hard.  Then there is the pressure of seeing people waiting for you in the rear view mirror.  

Here's the trick I learned and it works pretty good with some practice.  You line your car up with the one in front at the side view mirrors.  You should be about a foot from the other car.  Turn your wheel 3 times to the right and start backing up.  When your mirror is at their bumper straighten your wheel.  When your mirror lines up with the corner of their car you turn the wheel left.  There is a video below to help.

When I first saw this video I was thinking "no way this van will fit in that space" along with "why would you want to park there?"  Well the guy wedged it in there somehow.  You can fast forward the video some because it took him 5 minutes, but he's the master!



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