The Most Annoying Email Phrases

I saw this article that listed the most annoying email phrases and as I started reading through them I realized that I am really annoying.  Who knew?  OK don't ask my kids that question.  It's kind of my job.

Top of the list of annoying email phrases?  "Not sure you saw my last email".  Yes I've used that one how about you?  Maybe I wouldn't be so annoying if you checked your email!  OK I currently I have 588 emails in my in box, but I'll get to them.  It's on my list.

Other annoying email phrases...

"Per my last email"   Which I think means "hey pay attention knucklehead" if you read between the lines

"Any updates on this"   A more urgent version of the most annoying phrase above.

"Please advise"   In other words "this is your problem not mine pal"

See the complete list here   Per my previous email, I have more people to annoy

photo:  getty images

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