What Is Your Dream Job?

Yesterday I came across a job for an Assistant Cheese Director. Apparently, the Director of Cheese needs an assistant! The description of the position was as follows, “successful candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of both domestic and foreign cheese and will understand how to balance flavors for varying tastes and palates.”

Now if that doesn't sound like a dream job to some, I don't know what does! I decided to pose the question to our listeners. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Nap Taker

2. Puppy Cuddler

3. Concert Attendee

4. NHL Scout

5. Kilt Tester 

These are great! I also found many lists of unique jobs online and this one had a few that sounded pretty amazing.

For me, I think I'd own a vineyard somewhere in Tuscany. 

Ah, well, working with Kev on The Morning Show is a great job...but one can still dream!


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