Aretha Franklin Stole The Show & No One Minded

It's unfortunate. Many times you take people for granted until they are gone.  It could be someone you know or someone like Aretha Franklin.  Yesterday I was working on some audio pieces from Aretha for tributes on some of our stations.  Man she could sing.  I knew that but I kind of took it for granted.  

Saw this performance she did at the Kennedy Center Honors a few years ago.  It was a tribute to Carol King who helped write "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman".  Aretha stole the show...she didn't mean to, she seemed to want to greatfully honor Carol.  We no on minded that Aretha stole the show, especially Carol.  I think she loved it the most.

Maybe this weekend take a moment to appreciate the people in your life and those who have entertained you over the years that you may have started to take for granted.  Might have to pull out some old albums if I can find something to play them on.



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