MopCo Improv Group In Studio

It's Improv Thursday and MopCo joined us in studio for some spontaneous fun!

MopCo is an improv group in Schenectady that recently got a surprise visit from Amy Schumer at their theater located on 10 North Jay Street. We are fortunate enough to get a monthly visit from this very funny and talented bunch. 

Today we played "Emo Switch" where we gave a scenario and Peter and Amy had to constantly switch their emotions in the middle of their performance. Then we made them read the weather with an "attitude" - too funny!  

Our listeners joined the fun with "The World's Most Exciting Commercials." Listeners provided the most boring of activities and Peter and Amy had to "sell" those activities in exciting ads! 

Check out the FB Live video and podcasts below and, MopCo every Friday and Saturday night in Schenectady!

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