Is Dunking An Oreo In Milk Overrated?

The other day Kevin and I randomly got on the topic of dipping Oreos in milk when he said that he felt the Oreo dip was "extremely overrated!" Um, excuse me??? Furthermore, Kevin felt that dunking a dry chocolate chip cookie is superior to the Oreo dunk! That's just crazy talk! 

We each felt so strongly about our stance that we first put the question to you, our listeners, on Facebook. 

Danielle took my side, "No way, its the only way to eat an Oreo...milk & Oreos go together." As well as Nanette, "Seriously Kevin? Ever heard of OreoOs cereal? These suckers were made for milk!" and Sarah, "Can't have an Oreo without a Milk Dunk!! That is Sacrilege." 

While Jenn, who doesn't like milk; Chelsea, who can't eat an Oreo at all; and Jack all agree with Kevin.

Still split, we then did a live taste test. 

Kevin admitted he enjoyed the experience of dipping an Oreo, but he still feels it's overrated and well, the whole chocolate chip thing to just silly to me. However, we did both agree that we like cookies!


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