The Book That Helps Kids Fall Asleep FAST!

When our kids where little we'd read bedtime stories too them.  My wife was usually picked as the favorite narrator.  Hey I get it she also makes a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  One of the books in the library of bed time stories was Goodnight Moon.  

Well there is a fairly new book out that parents swear put your kids to sleep really fast.  It's somewhat similar to Good Night Moon.  The new bed time story champ is called  Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site.  It's an epic drama of construction equipment going to sleep and turning off.  Maybe it's the sudden silence that does the trick.  It's getting a lot of 5 stars on Amazon.  

What the heck, buy both of them.  Free 2 day shipping and you could be binge watching the Walking Dead or something by the weekend.  Click on the links above to order them.

More on the book here

photo:  getty images

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